Places To Visit

Viñales is one of the places more pequeñitos of Cuba, but simultaneously it is where they are possible to be realised major number of activities. You can pasarte 5 perfectly and 6 days and never you will be stopped, although to rest a dusk seated in the porch of the house, is to be thankful.

First that you must do is to visit the town, familiarizarte and mezclarte with the people of … and at night déjate the dream in the house and salt to share music, to dance and to enjoy Cuban music there. The atmosphere is incredible, not as much as in Trinidad, but always there is commotion in the street and the cultural centers. Ábrete, knows people is of where it is, I do not close to you in band, to talk with them is very funny, and in addition they are very cultured and intelligent people with whom you can maintain conversations very interesting, and to include/understand a little the restlessness that, among other things, have Cuban on policy and the own country.


picThe Great Cavern of Santo Tomás is an immense cave system that owns seven levels. It was well-known by the pre-Columbian Indians who left in her manifestations of their rock art. Also they used like houses the wild black escaped from the old properties. It is the greater cave system of Cuba because it has more than 45 kilometers of routes and interconnected galleries, distributed in eight levels and more than 10 entrances. Some of their galleries are very great, with impressive formation of stalactites and stalagmites. This cave system is visited for the practice of the espeleología, and is soothes of the National School of Espeleología Antonio Núñez Jiménez. Also it includes a small museum. One is 20 km of Viñales, and car or motorcycle is acceded by means of. Once there, it is necessary to pay an entrance, they give a graphical explanation you and they give to an equipment of helmet and lantern you. The really impressive cave, is worth the pain if you like the subject of the espeleología, or simply you like this thematic one.
Price: 10 CUC.


picThis cave is next to the highway of Viñales to San Cayetano. To about five and average kilometers of the city of Viñales, before arriving at San Vicente. The Cave of the Indian, is another one of the so many caves that are in the region of the Valley of Viñales. It is characterized because in its interior the river San Vicente runs. In order to continue the route you must mount in a small botecito. While the stroll in boat becomes, they are possible to be observed formation rocky of stalactites and stalagmites. In this cave were cave paintings and rest of utensils of pre-Columbian Cuban cultures.
Price: 5 CUC.


picThis cave is next to the highway of Viñales to San Cayetano. To 4 Kilometers of Viñales, before arriving at the Cave of the Indian. In this cave have been paintings, rest of the utensils and burials of such cultures. In this region and especially in the caves the slaves obtained hide-and-seek of their persecutores when they escaped. It is a stroll is short and at the end of this there is a maneuvers of how the slaves hid, wild when they fled … Soon is a restaurant, where they say that a very good rice uses. The access to the cave is worth 1 cuc. In the main entrance they have mounted a bar-discotheque, where him Saturday at night they make spectacle in direct and soon it dances until high times of the night. He is very original, if it is wanted to go out typical as soon as the leisure. It is an excellent place to enjoy this natural scene. Several footpaths cross the fields of the environs, laid out by the presence of a rich flora and fauna.
Price: 2 CUC.


picHe is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy this natural scene, of the Valley of Viñales. Here a million photos have been immortalized. Several footpaths cross the fields of the environs, until arriving at ete cautious, although also it is possible to be acceded by the highway, walking or in vehicle. The Jasmins this located to only 2 km of the town of Viñales and of divide 4 ecoturisticos footpaths of great an attractiveness. (The Way towards Wooded hills, that begins in the hotel and it goes to the deep thing of the Valley until arriving at the Mural of the Prehistory), in whose route can be appreciated the rich fauna and flora. All the footpaths present/display a moderate degree of difficulty and can be crossed by visitors of different ages, always accompanied by a local guide. This visit is essential more, than nothing because from this hotel there is the most incredible view of the valley, although from the previous mentioned places, also beautiful photographies can be realised. In the same viewpoint you will be able to take drink, since there is a bar outdoors with tables to sit down and to enjoy moments of interrupted tranquillity obvious, by the same tourists who go and come the one that wishes to refresh a little can enter the facilities of the hotel and to bathe in the swimming pool I believe that 5 the 7 entrance counts cuc but to consume cuc, in drink or food. If you wish to enjoy one night romantic, will be able to go to have dinner to the same hotel, there is a dining room with piano and music in direct and sometimes makes 10 buffet free that is cuc but you will have to request letter and leaves more expensive.



picTo 4 kilometers of the town, in the wooded hill Two Brothers are exhibited in the one of their slopes Mural of the Prehistory. It is an immense mural of 120 meters of stop by 180 of width in which the Cuban Leovigildo González, disciple of the Mexican muralista Diego of Creek, represented the animal and creatures who lived in this region in the prehistory. Human figures, mesozoic molluscs, marine reptiles, are some of the representations that are observed in this mural. When to realise the work, the stone was washed and prepared to carry out the project, to avoid thus in the erosion it would aggravate the painting. It was painted totally in brush. In the neighborhood of the mural, are some facilities where to be able to take a refreshment if the heat demands it to you.
Price: 2 CUC.


picAs its own name indicates is one of the 3 hotels that are in the neighborhood of Viñales 3 km of the town. And many you will ask yourselves that it has of special realising a tourist visit to a hotel, then, the interesting thing is not the hotel in himself but the pretty view that offers and the magnificent sunset that will make the delights of the lovers of the photography. Of I throw was about 6 times, not to see the sunset on purpose, but to enjoy a behind schedule pleasant one in his swimming pool the tourists they arrive and they comfortably feel in the tables to enjoy mojito while they wait for impatient the sunset with his cameras upon the tables.
Price: 7 CUC


picIt is the third hotel that is in Viñales, and is attractive because the rooms are bungalows. This it can be the last point or first, where to be able to bathe in the swimming pool in the morning and to rest nature in the heat of, or to take a refreshment when afternoon it falls, while the last bus is expected that will take to the tourist of return to Viñales.


picThe center of visitors is a quite great and showy building where all the administration of the National Park of Viñales manages itself. Here you will be able to request information on long walks, excursions, itineraries, tour guides etc. The boys who manage this are young and very likeable, that will take care of to you correctly and of very amiable way. You can ask directly for Ricardo or Liset. If you want to know with more detail all the services than it offers the east TOURIST CENTER, as well as the projects ecoturístico that they develop you can obtain more data in the following Link:
Centro de Visitantes de Viñales.

How To Visit These Places

The best option is using a particular taxi, to carry out this type of tour.Cheapest taxis that carried out the full itinerary are those of Taxi Cuba, by only 15 cuc, they carried the client to know the surroundings of Viñales, in a convenient way and without unnecessary delays.They also perform other types of less tourist excursions like the visit to River Resbaloso, excursion to Pinar del Rio or the fishing village of Puerto Esperanza.

Ahead same of the agencies, in the Main Avenue, a bus-stop exists, exclusively for Viñales Bus Tour.
It is a bus with a fixed schedule to visit the famous places but in the valley of Viñales. He is ideal for people who travel single or with little budget, since by only 5 cuc will allow you to cross the main places of Viñales. It is possible to be mounted and to be left the bus during the all day. The only drawback is that when you finish to make the visit he has to wait for the bus to return to the point to pick it up.