All this information would not have been possible without the inestimable collaboration of Liset Hernandez, Technical Guide of the Facilities for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Medioambiente (CITMA) and other workers of the own center.


Tourism Center

picThe center of visitors is a quite great building and showy where all the administration of the National Park of Viñales manages itself and it is in the zone called the Jasmins to 1 km of the locality. In this tourist center, general information of the places more interesting is offered than they are possible to be visited in Viñales.
Also information is offered on long walks, excursions and itineraries of all type, from a general route by the Valley of Viñales observing the wooded hills, endemic birds and plants protected of this area, to visits to houses of farmers to know the traditions better farmers, its customs and forms of life. In the houses also Guarapo is option to savor some natural juice like for example so known “Guarapo” that they elaborate it to you in front of you. He is very peculiar to see as they extract the juice of the sugar cane and you can be contributor of this peculiar activity. Also excursions straddling 5 hours are organized where you can realise the complete route, happening through fertile valleys where the tobacco is cultivated, and dryers where it is possible to be observed the process of fermentation and elaboration of this. All these excursions are realised in company of an expert professional guide in each activity. Also information is offered and it manages lodging and lodging by the zone, in particular houses and hotels, according to the preferences of the client. The boys who manage the center of visitors are young and very likeable, that will take care of to you correctly and of very amiable way.
You can directly ask for Liset Hernandez.

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In center, also they come developing a series from international projects, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the settlers of the communities that are in zone of the National Park. All these projects have come executing since the valley like National Park named.

Exist, in addition projects to small donations, related to international organizations that destine a bottom for these projects.

These organizations are: FONADEF, FUNDESCAN,GEF, FFEM, CICODE, PPD.
All these donations have been destined to the following projects.



1º PROJECT: BY A SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR PEOPLE AND THE NATURE. NATIONAL PARK VIÑALES (Government of the Canary Islands, Canary Foundation for Development FUNDESCAN and Ministry of Science Technology and Environment delegation Pinar del Rio) this includes construction of the center of visitors, agro-ecological property, components for refrigerators and environmental education.

2º PROJECT: FORTIFICATION OF the NATIONAL SYSTEM OF PROTECTED AREAS (National Center of Protected areas) this included signaling equipment, permanent exhibition in center of visitors, equipment of transport and security.

3º PROJECT: OF LOCAL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IN the VIÑALES VALLEY, EXECUTION OF BATTLES OF LOCAL SIGNIFICANCE (several international institutions) this includes installation of solar paddles with equipment electric home appliances, TV, recording Radio, Lamps, accessories of panels and their previous installation in each house.

4º PROJECT: PLANNING NATIONAL PARK VIÑALES (Cuba). Transference of analysis and management of the Sustainable Development in Dead grounds Andalusian. (University of Granada and the University of Havana) (Financed by the meeting of Andalusia) this includes thematic cartography, is decie maps of the zone according to all the parameters that can be measured in the zone and environmental education.

5º PROJECT: CREATION OF "CENTER OF INTERPRETATION OF the NATURE AND the RECEPTION DE VISITANTES" for the sustainable tourist development of the National Park Viñales (Cuba). (University of Granada and the University of Havana) financed by the Center of Initiatives of Cooperation to Desarrollo (CICODE) of the University of Granada; this was realised in different places with formation factories, donation of computer science equipment, elaboration of thematic panels.

6º PROJECT: OF SMALL DONATIONS (PPD) this it is developed in the community of the Capon with the donation of solar paddles and the reforestation of the zone. This is realised with the collaboration of Cuban organizations and the government of the municipality and other sectors of there.