Activities and Tours
Viñales is one of the places of Cuba, where is possible to practice great number of activities for all the preferences. It's the ideal place for the nature tourism and adventure, from the practice of the typical excursions walking, scaling or explortion of caves. In the majority of particular houses, you will have a great assortment of supplies, that offer the same owners to very good price.

All tours must be done with a guide to accompany you on the trails and the vast majority are private and owned by the National Park Viñales. Make sure the guide who will make the tour guide is legal , ie that has authority and permission to perform these activities .
To hire professional guides your tour you can go to the website of the National Park Viñales.

Either hire your tour : Hiking Viñales.

Also you will can to obtain information, to contract to excursions and tour guides in center professional experts in TOURISM CENTER.

Excursions and activities for numerous groups are also organized.


picThe healthful climate of the island, the dangerous nor poisonous animal nonexistence, makes of the Cuban land a favorable space to use the free time walking between the fabulous tropical vegetation. In the last years the long walks has acquired importance between the tourists whom they prefer to be near the nature.
The valley of Viñales haves a unique image in Cuban geography. Their wooded hills, caves and caverns, characterize the surroundings creating a delicious atmosphere of field adorned with tobacco fertile valleys
The main sites to practice the senderismo, are located in the zone of the Valley of Viñales. The recommendable thing is that it always accompanies a guide to you. Their main attractiveness is the landscaping diversity, as well as the flora and the fauna, all this immersed one in the irregularities of the cársico relief by which the footpath passes. In cársicas hills abundant vegetation of forest characteristic of this substrate is developed, besides being able at any moment to observe the original forms with which the wooded hills gratifican to us.

• Footpath San Vicente to Valle Ancón

It's one supplies in Tourism of Nature of the National Park Viñales; long walk with landscaping, speleological, geographic and sociocultural aims that sample of combined form the agricultural culture farmer, and the natural values of the ecosystems of the slaty heights and cársicos wooded hills. In the excursions near wooded hills, and of special form in the Valley of the Ruiseñor, it is very possible that it enjoys I intone spectacular of this small bird, endemic subspecies of Cuba. The passage with a length approximated of 5 km, 100 ms of them by the interior of an underground cavity and the others in ascent and reduction until the Valley of Ancón.

• Footpath Los Acuáticos

The long walk receives its name in relation to the local traditions of the resident population, that have belief, in the curative properties of the water. The length is of 4 km journeying by all the vegetal complex of tie formation to the slaty heights and wooded hills, of much landscaping attractive diversity and, everything harmonically related to the population farmer of the zone and the culture of the tobacco.

• Footpath Mogote Coco Solo tol Valle de Palmarito

From the Hotel La Ermita, leaves this long walk 8 km in length, where the singular landscaping values of the Valley of Viñales, their sociocultural, mosaic surroundings of cultures and local traditions are observed. Is very attractive the fort contrasts between the vegetation of the slaty heights, the tobacco areas and the vegetation of wooded hills; from the hotel, through pine to the wooded hill of the Coco Solo, from now until a Tobacco Tobacconist to the Mural of the Prehistory.

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• Nature and Culture Time

It discovers the enchantments of the Cársicas Mountain ranges, his endemismo of flora and fauna, recreates with a giant bibigüajero, the legend of the Hole of the Blacks, to the farmer working the Earth, its cultures, its house, refreshes with Coco water and proves with an exquisite coffee strained in fabric to the compass of music guajira. An unforgettable place where wonderfully culture and nature are based.

Warning: A car or a taxi for this long walk is needed.
Price: 8-10 CUC

• Through the heart of the Valley

You will enjoy the exceptional beauty of the landscape, different crops, attractive haystock mountains (they´re so called mogotes) and endemic trees. You will also meet farmers from the region, their different ways of working the land and you will also get into a tobacco barn where you will learn about the different processes of this important crop.
Precio: 8-10 CUC

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picCuba counts in addition on one releases list of caverns, headed by the Great Cavern of Santo Tomás. In the Sierra de los Organos (Pinar del Rio) are numerous caverns that cross wooded hills of side to side. They are caves of fluvial origin and sometimes with the superposed underground galleries forming impressive systems, like the cave of Santo Tomás whom it has more than 45 km in length, distributed in diverse galleries.


picDue to the great diversity of ways, the Valley of Viñales is very adapted for this practice. Normally the excursions take control in group and of a guide. There are different options to realise this activity, most well-known and complete is the one that goes of Viñales to the Palmarito until the cave of Silencio, a cave where after walking 200 mts you can swim in natural pools of underground water. The hard whole passage 4 hours. In all the passage one goes through fields of culture of tobacco, dryers where we will have the option to enter them and to see as it is the drying of the leaf of tobacco and the visit to a house of some farmer where we will be able to prove the "guarapo" (sugar cane with rum), preparation by the hands of the farmer. He is very peculiar to see the process of extraction of the sugar. Also there are other options, among them the possibility of going to the viewpoint of the Jazmines to horse, by other different ways. She is seen other of the Valley where a different perspective can be admired.
Price: 5.00 CUC x pax x hour.

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» To contract the previous excursions to request information in the tourism center.


picViñales is an ideal place to rent a bicycle and to cross the environs with her. All tuna is to few kilometers, and although it is necessary to walk with taken care of by the state of the highways, with precaution are possible to be realised pleasant excursions. In any house there is available east service, where nearly money will rent a bicycle to you for all the day. The displacements you can realise also them in Scooter, although it leaves more expensive than the bicycle, is much more comfortable and fast. In the main avenue of Viñales in front of the Rte. Don Tomás we can find a center of rent of motorcycles.

Tour in Bicycle:
It will visit in bicycle the most interesting places in all Viñales like the Mural of the Prehistory (the painting in the wooded hill), Palenque of the Wild ones where they will learn on the afrocubana religion and the history of the slaves in century 19, House of the Veguero where it will learn on the process of the tobacco, Cave of the Indian where they take a walk with a boat by the river, with lunch including in the restaurant of Cave of the Indian.
Price: 20 CUC (Included Guide, Lunch, Bike and Entrance at the places)


picIn the Valley of Viñales, where the nature shines, they show the vertical walls more discharges of the country, prisoners to Jurassic, typical wooded hills of that locality of the Cuban West. The National Park Viñales is considered an ideal scene for this practice, site that gives exceptional experiences next to its overwhelming views sprinkled by plowed mountains, palms and parcels. We find approximately 19 sectors of scalds, mainly in the Valley of Viñales. At present approximately 200 routes equipped with bols - very safe of several degrees of difficulty exist. An example is the sector sector Cave Head of the Cow where we can accede to the quite difficult route. But more reasonable others for those exist than they begin in this exciting sport, located in the Embosomed sector of Raul Kings. In Cuba, Viñales is a paradise for the climbers, its great mountains, with its hard rock. In Viñales there are several routes of scaling where the tourist who visits to us can climb, enjoying and the view a beautiful valley, in contact with the nature. For that they want to have more information on the scaling routes I put this link:


pic• Cayo Levisa

The tourist who visits Viñales, and is a lover of beaches, the sun and the sea, cannot go away of here without visiting some of its famous Cayos. Cayo Levisa is one. It is most distant and of limited access, since to go it's necessary to soon make a passage by highway of 45 minutes until the wharf of Palma Rubia and a passage by sea during 40 minutes more in a ferry. In the embarkation point there is parking with security guard where it can leave the car and the price of the boat trip is including in the reservation of the hotel it has if it, if it does not have reservation costs 15,00 cuc by person).
It only leaves one to 9 in the morning and returns to the 17 hours from afternoon. Cayo Levisa is a beach of 2,5 km, white sand and turkish blue water. Besides the excellent beach almost totally solitary although with lodging and comforts of first class, in the cayo also marine sports can be practiced among others the diving and snokel in the coralline barrier flanks that it by the north, that has an extensive one and varied colony of starfishes. These coralline reefs form part of the coralline barrier of the Colored one, one of the majors of the world and are considered between the best ones of the Caribbean. It exists a center of diving with the suitable experience and equipment. In order to visit Levisa Key but the recommendable thing it is to contract the trip or to successfully obtain information exceeds he in Viñales, although moving in car the trip it can become by his account.

• Cayo Jutías

It is the most accessible beach from Viñales. It is possible to be gone in car, bus or motorcycle. One is 58 km of Viñales, and it is acceded through pedraplén. In the entrance it is necessary to pay to an entrance of 5 cuc for the tourist and 5 pesos m.n for the national. Jutías key is in the coast of the municipality of Minas de Matahambre, in front of the Straits of Florida and like the Cayo Levisa and Paradise comprise of the Archipelago of the Red ones. It has a beach of 5 km in length. If he is loving of the sea, of coralline the reef diving filled with marine fauna, or simply your dream is to swim in transparent and calm waters, without the bullicio and the worldly atmosphere of other beaches this it is the ideal place.


picA less touristy and more to Cuban is a fun and relaxing day on the river. In Viñales there are many rivers but the most famous and beautiful the Slippery River, a place surrounded by nature, where pordrá enjoy sharing with friends, drinking beer and eating barbecue.

Hire Tours

The best option is to go to the Visitor Center and ask for information at the reception. In the resort visitors, give tours and information of tourist activities that can be performed in Viñales and hire them. The tours are conducted with all guides.

Another option is to request information on the hotels or private houses where you stay.

For excursions to the Keys can be undertaken employing the full tour which includes (transportation, lunch and entrance to the Keys) Cubanacan offices in Viñales, or going on your own through a private taxi, where entry will additional cost and will be paid apart from transport.

For tours to Rio, you can perform on your own, either renting a bicycle or through a private taxi. Access to the river is totally free.